Ron Demers


Ron Demers is a Guilford, Vt., woodworker and furniture maker. "Marlboro College brought me to this area, and since I graduated in 2006, I have developed a small business where I can be involved with wood (preferably native and local) in all its forms. I feel lucky to live in this part of Vermont with the easy mixing of timber industry and craftsman’s artistry.

I produce most of the raw materials that I shape and polish into a final harmonious whole:


I run a portable sawmill, season the sawn lumber and build custom furniture pieces from that wood or other local sources. In a given week, I might design furniture with a client, find a source for a particular wood, saw up logs into rough boards, make preliminary sketches on one project, and smooth on the last coat of finish oil for a blanket chest that has the integrity to last for generations."

 Seelding Elm Woodwork