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tour 2012

“Whetstone Brook Reflections”

read the article published in the

September 1, 2011 “Ovation” newspaper


Brattleboro-West Arts 2010 Press Release

“Putting Art in its Place”

Brattleboro-West Arts to open studios in Fall


read the article here on our 2010 studio tour page


The Commons

“A Great Place to Make Art, but a Hard Place to Sell It.”

read the article written by Joyce Marcel


Complete New England

“Articulture Tour in Brattleboro

Vermont this fall”

read the article written by the Yankee Traveler


Brattleboro-West Arts Celebrates "Articulture"
at C.X. Silver Gallery


Boston Globe

“Open Studio Tour opens for its second year”

Posted by Kimberly Sherman September 23, 2010 read the Globe Trotting article


Brattleboro West Arts in the Reformer

“Artists in our area’s ‘wild west’ band together for studio tour”

By Jon Potter,

read the 2009 article here


“A community of avid articulturists”
by Jon Potter,

read the 2010 article here